Hackney Backhouse

Dollis Hill

A new build family home near the leafy Gladstone park. Just like on all great episodes of Grand Designs, a baby arrived on its completion. From start to finish it took under 12months. Which includes excavation of a 85sqm basement.

A new family home built in the back garden of our client’s property. A rundown garage demolished with a basement formed by underpinning the party wall. Forming the retaining walls in sections, maximising the limited space.

The single storey above ground was built with a steel structure and built to brick dimensions. The basement providing three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Four rooflights and two light-wells bring natural light into the property including a corten screen to the front.

Project Details

  • Location
    Hackney, N16
  • Contract
  • Completion
  • YEAR :
  • LOCATION : N16
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  • PORTFOLIO : Residential
  • PORTFOLIO : Basement